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There is probably nothing more relaxing and healthier - than a sauna!

The original purpose of the sauna (also called Finnish bath) was a thorough cleansing of the whole body. In Finland it is said that "women are most beautiful after a sauna."

In our seemingly ever faster moving world, numerous diseases are stress related. 
Saunas have a positive effect on the circulatory system, the respiratory system and it is proven that sauna sessions strengthen the immune system. Due to the increased sweating, the pores of your skin will be cleansed and your body detoxified.

You have a couple of days off - why not enjoy our solid wood sauna? Most of the time, you will have the sauna all to yourself - perfect for beginners to give it a try. 
The choice is yours, you have 60 ° C, 80 ° C or 95 ° C at your disposal. If you want to wear a swimsuit or not, that is up to you. 
Next to the sauna is a separate room for you to relax and enjoy a drink.


Single Use sauna € 16.00 
From 2 persons, per person € 9.00  
For our hotel guests the price includes: Bath towel and bathrobe. 
Soft drinks, in the form of juice and water, or tea, are available. 
Would you like another drink, you can order these in the guest room "Wanaasch". 





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